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Outlander Welcome Center (11/27/2017) Found 4 Active Player Vendors • SotA Market Watch

Outlander Welcome Center (11/27/2017) Found 4 Active Player Vendors • SotA Market Watch

I can't remember when was the last time I visited the player owned town of Outlander Welcome Center but remembering when I last visited is really not important. LOL!

What is important is that I went back to Outlander Welcome Center to find player vendors and check out what they are selling.

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As always, I spent my entire visit running around and I started with what I think was the Market Area. There I found 2 player vendors.

• 2:09 - Stormsong Basic Supplies
• 3:19 - Moonglade Goods and Recruiting

After that, I went back to the entrance and, from there, I went to, what I think was, the main town area and there I found 2 more player vendors.

• 6:10 - MalMart
• 8:40 - EVL's Outlander Supplies

In total, I found 6 player vendors but 2 of them were not selling anything and that is the reason why I didn't include them in my list of player vendors.

Overall, I enjoyed my quick visit to Outlander Welcome Center. Of course, I will return every now and then to check out the player vendors in town.

This player owned town still has plenty of available row and village lots Avatars can claim. Simply ask the Governor of Outlander Welcome Center for assistance.

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