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Might And Magic 6 Gameplay #1 ★ A New Party Of Heroes Arrived In New Sorpigal (Transcript)

Might And Magic 6 Gameplay #1 ★ ANew Party Of Heroes Arrived In New Sorpigal

Hey guys, welcome back. My name is Kabalyero and today I'm going to start playing an old computer rpg and a classic computer rpg called Might and Magic 6.

Might And Magic 6 Gameplay #1 ★ ANew Party Of Heroes Arrived In New Sorpigal (Transcript)

I bought this game from a couple of years ago but I'm only playing it now because, currently, as I'm recording this gameplay video, I don't have any internet connection.

Okay, so, since this is my first time playing Might and Magic 6, I'm obviously going to start by creating, not a new character but, a new party.

Might and Magic 6 is a party-based computer role-playing game with 4 party members in the party and I'm going to choose each one of them.

Creating a new party of four is almost like creating and customizing a new character because I can choose from different classes, different skills and I can even allocate extra stat points to each member.

Okay so, I'm now in the game and the first thing I need to do is look around and maybe talk to a few people because I have no freaking idea what to do in this game.

Wow, it seems that my party has a bad reputation and people are somewhat wary or afraid to talk to me but, if I really want to talk to them, I can either Beg, Threaten or Bribe them with money.

Anyway, looking at my Current Quests, it looks like I need to deliver a letter to someone named Andover Potbello in New Sorpigal and, my guess is, this town is New Sorpigal.

I guess I have to find where Andover Potbello is located in this town and deliver the letter to him. By the way, the letter was from someone named Sulman.

Might And Magic 6 Gameplay #1 ★ ANew Party Of Heroes Arrived In New Sorpigal (Transcript)

And look who I found drinking in the tavern, it's none other than Andover Potbello. So let's go and talk to Andover and give him the letter from Sulman.

Okay, delivering the letter to Andover completed the quest and I got rewarded with 1,000 gold and I also got a new quest involving the Temple Of Baa and bringing back a Candelabra.

Now, my problem is, where do I find the freaking Abandoned Temple? I'm sure it's around here somewhere and I guess I have no choice but to go look for it.

Might And Magic 6 Gameplay #1 ★ ANew Party Of Heroes Arrived In New Sorpigal (Transcript)

And look at that, I just discovered my party's inventory and I think I can equip these items on my party members. These items will greatly increase my party's offensive and defensive capabilities.

Might And Magic 6 Gameplay #1 ★ ANew Party Of Heroes Arrived In New Sorpigal (Transcript)

So, I'm looking for the Abandoned Temple but what I found is the New Sorpigal Temple which is not the temple I'm looking for.

And take a look at this, there are Goblins on the roof of that house and I'm going to take them all out with an arrow. It will take a while to kill all of them because I only have one Archer in the party.

Might And Magic 6 Gameplay #1 ★ ANew Party Of Heroes Arrived In New Sorpigal (Transcript)

Okay, so, I've shot and killed all the Goblins that were on that corner of the roof but I think there are more of them and obviously I'm going to get them all even though they're not Pokemons.

And look at that, I just found the Town Hall so let's talk to Frank Fairchild and Janice.

So, talking to Frank and Janice was not a waste of time because I was able to get a couple of quest and some information about what's happening around New Sorpigal.

Anyway, you can continue watching me play Might and Magic 6 in my next gameplay video of the game and if you enjoy watching me play Might and Magic 6 then please help me grow this channel by liking this video, sharing this video to your friends and by becoming a subscriber.

Also, if you are interested in playing Might and Magic 6 then the link to where you can cheaply get Might and Magic 6 is in the description of this video.

Thank you very much for watching. Bye bye!

☛ What Is Might and Magic 6?

According to Wikipedia, "Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven, commonly abbreviated to Might and Magic VI or simply MM6, is a role-playing video game developed by New World Computing and published by 3DO in 1998."

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