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WTFast + Freedom! Network = 10% Commission ★ What The F*CK!

WTFast + Freedom! Network = 10% Commission ★ What The F*CK!

Hey guys, today Freedom! Network is offering a starting 10% commission for promoting WTFast using their PlayNow links. What The F*CK!

WTFast + Freedom! Network = 10% Commission ★ What The F*CK!

Okay so, this is a What The F*CK moment because if you are a direct WTFast affiliate then you'll get 20% commission for promoting WTFast with no questions asked.

In Freedom! Network, you'll start at 10% commission. Yes, you'll eventually get the whole 20% commission (well, eventually) but, you'll start at 10%.

As for the other 10%? Well, it obviously will go to Freedom! Network and, with the amount of small YouTubers who will probably stay at 10% for a very long time, that other 10% is a lot of money for Freedom! Network.

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I'm not saying that Freedom! Network is taking advantage of their Partners since it's their Partners and most of their Partners are okay with it, I just want you guys to know that you don't have to start with 10%.

You can directly go to WTFast, sign-up as a direct WTFast affiliate and get the whole 20% commission right from the start. You don't have to share your commission to anyone else specially a very very big YouTube Network like Freedom! Network.

Anyway, if you are interested in learning more about WTFast then just go to its official website.

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