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Freedom! Network's PlayNow Affiliate Program IS NOT NEW ★ WTFast Giveaway Update

Freedom! Network's PlayNow Affiliate Program IS NOT NEW ★ WTFast Giveaway Update

Hey guys, today I'm going to talk a little bit about Freedom! Network's PlayNow Affiliate Program. Is it really NEW or is it just a re-birth of something OLD?

Freedom! Network's PlayNow Affiliate Program IS NOT NEW ★ WTFast Giveaway Update

A few years ago before Freedom! Network started, there was this site called Any.TV and it offered an affiliate program where you might make some money by placing what they call Play Links back then in the description of your YouTube videos.

I got suckered into this affiliate program because I needed money and I was always recording my gameplays and uploading them to YouTube. It was a win win situation and it was easy to do.

When Freedom! Network got started, Any.TV and its affiliate program was forgotten and abandoned and, now, I have hundreds of gameplay videos in YouTube with DEAD LINKS in them.

That is one of the biggest problem Freedom! Network or the company running it has, it likes to introduce new things like the Any.TV affiliate program and then abandons it or forgets it like it never happened.

Now, they're running another affiliate program but this time they're calling it PlayNow which is almost the same as the old Play Links that are NOW DEAD LINKS.

Will they forget and abandon this so called NEW but OLD affiliate program? Who knows but when they do then you'll have a lot of cleaning to do.

I'm sorry but it just makes me mad whenever I think about all those DEAD PLAY LINKS that I have to removed from all those video descriptions.

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Now, let's change the topic and talke about WTFast. As for my WTFast Premium Basic 1 Month Time Code Giveaway, there are only 89 entries with still 21 days to go.

So, if you need that 1 Month WTFast Premium Basic Time Code then stop watching this video and join the giveaway now.

So guys, did any of you placed those Any.TV Play Links in your Video Descriptions? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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