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Freedom Network Scam - Is This YouTube Network Scamming Small YouTube Channels

Freedom Network Scam - Is This YouTube Network Scamming Small YouTube Channels

Hey guys, today I'm going to briefly say something about this Freedom Network Scam topic because it's on the first page of YouTube Search when you search for Freedom Network.

Freedom Network Scam - Is This YouTube Network Scamming Small YouTube Channels

For those who don't know, this Channel, The Kabalyero Show, was a Freedom Network YouTube Partner for two years and, in those two years, Freedom Network has never failed in paying my share of revenues for this channel.

Even after I transferred this Channel to Curse Network also known as Union For Gamers. Freedom Network still paid me the remaining balance in my Freedom Network account.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of Freedom Network because if I was then I would have never transferred this channel to Union For Gamers or Curse Network.

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There are things that I don't like in Freedom Network but, for me, those are not yet enough to call Freedom Network a SCAM. Is Freedom Network the best YouTube Network?

Of course not but if you are a Small YouTube Channel or if you are just starting then, I suggest that you simply take advantage of what Freedom Network offers.

As soon as you grow a little bigger or meet the requirements of other and better YouTube Networks then simply unlink from Freedom Network and move your Channel to your real YouTube Network of choice like Union For Gamers.

Freedom! Network Revenue Share

Now, for those who thinks the 60/40 revenue share offered by Freedom Network is a scam, well it's not because they're not hiding it and it's clearly stated in their website.

If you think that is a scam then don't join Freedom Network. Instead, join a YouTube Network that offers a higher revenue share like Union For Gamers.

Of course, if you want the whole 100% then don't join any YouTube Network and just open your own Adsense account.

Anyway, if you have a YouTube Channel and you are thinking of joining Freedom Network then I suggest you read through everything they offer because that will save you from frustration later on.

Now, if your YouTube channel is a gaming channel and has over 1,000 subscribers then, instead of joining Freedom Network, I suggest you try joining Union For Gamers.

With Union For Gamers, you'll get a higher Revenue Share and a more responsive Support Staff which for me is more important than all the bells and whistles Freedom Network offers.

So guys, is Freedom Network a SCAM? Are they scamming Small YouTube Channels? Share your thoughts as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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