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ElitePvP CoOwner ApexGamingzz ★ Banned My Daughter (I'm So SAD T_T)

ElitePvP CoOwner ApexGamingzz ★ Banned My Daughter (I'm So SAD T_T)

Hey guys, I'm kinda sad today because I just learned that my daugher was banned by the CoOwner of ElitePvP, ApexGamingzz.

ElitePvP CoOwner ApexGamingzz ★ Banned My Daughter (I'm So SAD T_T)

I don't play Minecraft but, for some reason, my kids really, really like it and they play it everyday. Sometimes, they play OFFLINE and sometimes, they join Minecraft servers like ElitePvP.

My daugher who was banned by ApexGamingzz, she really liked and enjoyed playing in this ElitePvP Minecraft server because maybe it's a really fun server. Again, I wouldn't know because I don't play Minecraft.

I'm sad because I can't picture nor imagine what my sweet little 8 year old daughter could have said or done to deserve a ban from the server she really likes.

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I asked my daughter what she did and it was very trivial. In fact, it was nothing to get upset about nor was it enough to get banned from the server.

Don't get me wrong guys, I'm not MAD at anyone in this ElitePvP server because it's their server and they can do anything they want in it and they can ban anyone they like.

I'm just sad for my daughter because she really likes playing in this ElitePvP Minecraft server. Anyway, I'm sure she'll find another Minecraft server to play in and, who knows, it might be better than ElitePvP.

So guys, my question to you is this, have any of you been banned from a game server before? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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