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Freedom! Network Favoritism ★ Is That Even Possible? WHAT!!! O_o

Freedom! Network Favoritism ★ Is That Even Possible? WHAT!!! O_o

Hey guys, let me ask you this question, does favoritism exists in Freedom! Network? Is that even possible?

Freedom! Network Favoritism ★ Is That Even Possible? WHAT!!! O_o

I do believe that somekind of favoritism does exist in Freedom! Network. As with all organizations, it is made up of various people and these various people have various likes and dislikes.

It seems that those people working in Freedom! Network don't like me that much because, when my channel, The Kabalyero Show, was still under Freedom! Network, my revenue share was 70%.

After a year at 70%, I requested an increase in revenue share but I did not get it. Freedom! Network even tried to make a fool of me by claiming they increased my revenue share to 70% when I was already at 70% to begin with.

Later, I learned that some Freedom! Network Partners who were much smaller than my channel were able to get revenue increases of upto 90% and they didn't have to wait a year to get it.

Someone even told me to contact George Vanous directly and make the request from him but, unfortunately, George Vanous never replied to my e-mail request.

Freedom! Network's CEO George Vanous

Anyway, my point is this, when I asked them for an increase, my request was shot down but when other Freedom Network Partners with smaller channels asked them for an increase, upto 90% was given to them.

If favoritism wasn't involved in any of their decision making processes then I have no freaking idea why they denied my request but granted the request of others.

Fortunately, my channel, The Kabalyero Show, is no longer with Freedom! Network but I'm still going to make videos talking about Freedom! Network because I want to share to you guys my experience with them.

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Currently, my channel, The Kabalyero Show, is a YouTube Partner under Union For Gamers which is also known as Curse Network.

If you have a YouTube gaming channel that has over 1,000 subscribers and you are looking to join Freedom! Network then I suggest you don't and, instead, join Union For Gamers.

So guys, do you have any good or bad experiences with Freedom! Network? Share your thoughts as well your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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