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Let's Watch Rage Slayer Play A.V.A. ★ Killing Tanks With An RPG

I just watched Rage Slayer play A.V.A. or Alliance of Valiant Arms. It's a free-to-play multiplayer online first person shooting games developed using the Unreal Engine.

Let's Watch Rage Slayer Play A.V.A. ★ Killing Tanks With An RPG

The Rage Slayer A.V.A. gameplay or let's play video that I watched was titled A.V.A. Battle Tanks part 2 and, in this gameplay video, Rage Slayer was in a match where Battle Tanks were used.

It was my first time watching Battle Tanks in action in A.V.A. but that's because I never really played A.V.A. before. I tried but I never got into it.

Also, in the video, Rage Slayer decided to ditch his tank and fight the other tanks with a Rocket Launcher. I'm not really sure if it was a great idea but it was fun watching him try and destroy enemy tanks with his Rocket Launcher.

Watch me watch Rage Slayer play A.V.A. in the video below.

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So guys, if you are interested in checking out Rage Slayer's gameplay videos then all you have to do is go to his YouTube Channel at

You can also watch the Rage Slayer video that I featured in this blog post below so please watch it and if you enjoyed it then subscribe to Rage Slayer for more.

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