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Battleborn ★ Will It Run On My Computer?

Battleborn looks like an amazing game but, my question is, will it run on my computer.

Hey guys, welcome back. My name is Kabalyero and recently, I've been watching a lot of gameplay videos of Battleborn and I like what I've seen.

The game, Battleborn, looks like a really fun game but, I had to resort to watching gameplay videos because I was not able to play or get in to the Open Beta of the game.

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I guess it was fine back then because I was not really sure if my computer was good enough to run this really fun looking game.

Later, I found out that my computer was somewhat within the minimum system requirement of the game and that basically means the game will run on my computer at low graphics settings which is fine by me.

Unfortunately, knowing this information doesn't matter anymore because the Open Beta of Battleborn ended a few days ago.

Anyway, are you guys looking forward to playing the commercial release of Battleborn? Is your computer capable of running this really fun looking game? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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