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Ananias Roguelike ★ Level 2 Dungeon ★ Even More Monsters O_o

I explored the Level 2 Dungeon of Ananias Roguelike where my Paladin fought even more monsters. What else do you do in a dungeon crawling game?

Ananias Roguelike ★ Level 2 Dungeon ★ Even More Monsters O_o

The Level 2 dungeon looked very different from the Level 2 dungeon. The Level 2 dungeon of Ananias Roguelike looked more like an inside of a abandoned castle.

Abandoned or not, the Level 2 dungeon had even more monsters but they were not different monsters. They were the same monsters as the ones found in the Level 1 dungeon.

Even more monsters in Level 2 Dungeon, Ananias Roguelike

The monsters my Paladin faced in the Level 2 dungeon were a Kobold, Eyeball, Orc, Ophidian and others. Also, I'm not sure why but the monsters suddenly felt weak or something.

Maybe it was because of the Heaven Patron. For the Level 2 dungeon, the Heavenly Patron I chose for my Paladin was Colbi.

Eventually, I found the ladder or stairs that will take my Paladin to Level 3. Going down the Level 3 dungeon triggered another Heavenly Patron selection.

Heavenly Patron Hadria, Ananias Roguelike

In this Heavenly Patron selection, Colbi was no longer in the selection. She was replaced by Hadria and she was also the Heavenly Patron that I chose for my Paladin

With Hadria's ability to increase the damage someone can take, she was obviously the perfect Heavenly Patron for my Paladin.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and if this blog post got you interested in Ananias Roguelike then why not give the game a try.

Ananias Roguelike is free and you can download it for free at the official Ananias Roguelike website.

Please watch my full Ananias Roguelike gameplay video for this blog post below. Thank you.

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