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Leap Of Fate ★ Won A STEAM Key From A Giveaway

I just love joining giveaways because I get games like Leap Of Fate for FREE from giveaways.

Leap Of Fate ★ Won A STEAM Key From A Giveaway

Hey guys, welcome back. My name is Kabalyero and I'm happy to share that I just won a STEAM Key for Leap Of Fate from another giveaway by PCGamesN.

Again, this video is not paid for nor sponsored by PCGamesN. I don't freaking know anyone from PCGamesN but I'm sharing it to you guys because I'm just happy for winning something.


So, what is Leap Of Fate? According to its page in STEAM, Leap of Fate is a furiously-paced cyberpunk roguelite about overcoming your fears and achieving your fate. In a New York City where magic is real, you play as a technomage who must develop unspeakable powers to confront the Crucible of Fates.

From its description, Leap Of Fate sounds like a really cool game but I have yet to play it. I used the STEAM Key that I won from the giveaway to add it to my Library of games in STEAM.

As for User Reviews, Leap Of Fate has a Very Positive rating which means a lot of people who played it liked it very much and it's currently priced around $14 US Dollars.

Leap Of Fate STEAM

Winning the STEAM Key from PCGamesN just gave me a game that is worth $14 US Dollars in STEAM. How freaking cool is that?

Anyway guys, I just want to share the news to you guys because it's freaking awesome and if you're not joining game giveaways then you should specially if you are a gamer because it will give you a chance to win some cool games.

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