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Ananias Roguelike ★ Level 1 Dungeon ★ Monsters All Around

I went through the first dungeon or Level 1 Dungeon of the game where I fought an Eyeball, a Mouth and other body parts. LOL!

Ananias Roguelike ★ Level 1 Dungeon ★ Monsters All Around

After creating my character and going through a very long series of information about the game, my character was immediately transported to the first dungeon or Level 1 Dungeon of the game.

Of course, my character or my Paladin was accompanied by his Dire Wolf pet as he explore the dungeon.

Now, moving my character around the dungeon was simple. All I have to do was click on any of the direction arrows that surrounds my character in the game.

For example, if I want him to move downwards then I'll simply click on the down arrow. Clicking on the up arrow will obviously move him upward. The same is true with the other directional arrows.

The very first monster or creature my Paladin fought in the game was an Eyeball. Yes, seriously, he fought an Eyeball. It was not an ordinary Eyeball because this Eyeball was huge and it was floating on air.

Other monsters my Paladin fought in the dungeon before moving down to Level 2 were a Kobold, Satyr, Phantom, Mouth, Ophidian and Orc.

As for equipment, my Paladin was equipped with a Justice Sword and a Royal Plate Armor.

Moving down to Level 2 also triggered the Heavenly Patron selection process of the game. There were four Heavenly Patrons to choose from and I chose Colbi because he was most suited to my Paladin.

Anyway, if you are reading this blog post about my latest Ananias Roguelike gameplay and it got you interested in trying the game then simply download it from the official Ananias Roguelike website.

Please watch the full Ananias Roguelike gameplay video for this blog post below. Thank you.

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