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Ananias Roguelike ★ Character Classes, My Character & A Ton Of Instructions ★ Gamer's Log, Game Date 4.4.2016

Gamer's Log, Game Date 4.4.2016 - I played Ananias Roguelike for the first time and created my first character after checking out the other character classes in the game.

Ananias Roguelike ★ Character Classes, My Character & A Ton Of Instructions ★ Gamer's Log, Game Date 4.4.2016

Ananias Roguelike is a free indie roguelike roleplaying game developed by Slashware. It was my first time playing the game and I started by creating my first character.

Now, before I created my first character, I first went through or checked all the different classes available in the game and they are the Alchemist, Arcane Master, Paladin, Hunter, Monster Slayer, Barbarian, Ailorus Monk, Dumeril Sage and Shepherd.

Unfortunately, not all character classes were available to free players. Character classes like the Monster Slayer, Barbarian and others are only available in the Fellowship Edition of Ananias Roguelike.

Besides having various Character Classes, Ananias Roguelike also offers two character genders, Male and Female. It also has various pets like the Dire Wolf, Wild Lync, Giant Frog and Pony.

The character that I created in Ananias Roguelike was a Male Paladin and the pet that I selected was the Dire Wolf.

After creating my first character, I went through a series of instructions or information about playing Ananias Roguelike. There were many information and it also kinda served as a tutorial for the game.

Anyway, that was where I ended my first gameplay of Ananias Roguelike If you are interested in giving Ananias Roguelike a try then all you have to do is download it from the official Ananias Roguelike website for free.

Please watch the full Ananias Roguelike gameplay video for this Gamer's Log below. Thank you.

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