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Malware Warning ★ WTFast Crack Life Time 2016 Videos Invades YouTube

WTFast Crack Life Time 2016 videos have invaded YouTube and they are spreading a malware infected file.

Malware Warning ★ WTFast Crack Life Time 2016 Videos Invades YouTube

Regardless of the hate WTFast has gotten, a lot of you guys are still looking for ways of using WTFast for free and, unfortunately, many of you are looking for cracked copies of WTFast called WTFast crack.

Just now, a series of videos called WTFast Crack Life Time 2016 were uploaded by, obviously, one person with a few YouTube accounts in YouTube and this videos are spreading a supposedly cracked copy of WTFast.

WTFast Crack Life Time 2016

Unfortunately guys,  this supposedly cracked copy of WTFast is infected with Malware. I know because I downloaded file and scanned it online and here were the results.

Avira, BitDefender, F-secure, Kaspersky and Lavasoft all detected somekind of infection

As you can see, Avira, BitDefender, F-Secure, Kaspersky and Lavasoft all detected somekind of infection. Those are 5 of 43 Scan Engines used by Metadefender to check this particular WTFast Crack file.

What I'm saying to you guys is this, never use any of this so called WTFast Cracks because most, if not all, of them are meant to spread malwares, adwares and viruses to unsuspecting users.

Now, if you truly can't afford a WTFast subscription and you badly need a ping booster or lag reducer to play your favorite online games then why not check out one of those cheaper WTFast alternatives out there.

Anyway guys, this is not a paid nor sponsored video. I wish it was but it's not. This is just me telling you guys about a harmful or dangerous WTFast crack file.

Watch the video version of this blog post below:

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