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How To Leave Freedom Network ★ It's Actually Pretty Easy

How to leave Freedom Network? Is it complicated? No it's not. It's actually pretty easy.

How To Leave Freedom Network ★ It's Actually Pretty Easy

If you are a Freedom Network YouTube Partner and you want to get out of Freedom Network to join a much better YouTube Network then all you have to do are the following:

1. Go to your YouTube Channel's Creator Studio or Dashboard

2. Click on the Channel link to open your channel's Features section

3. Under Account Status and on the right side of the Network row, click on the small button to show the Request to Unlink button

4. Click on the Request to Unlink button, wait 30 days and, after that, you are free to join any YouTube Network you like.

Leaving Freedom Network is something many Freedom Partners will eventually do. I myself has or had already unlinked this channel from Freedom Network.

Watch the video version of this blog post below"

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