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Gamer's Log, Game Date 3.25.2016 - Created A Character In Pocket MapleStory SEA

Gamer's Log, Game Date 3.25.2016 - I created my first character in Pocket MapleStory SEA.

Gamer's Log, Game Date 3.25.2016 - Created A Character In Pocket MapleStory SEA

Today, I got a chance to play Pocket MapleStory and created my first character in the game. From what I know, Pocket MapleStory is like the mobile version of the popular MapleStory game.

Of course, I just didn't create my first character, I also went through and looked at each of the different character classes available for players in the game.

I also went through the initial cutscenes where the story involving Magnus and Aaron unfolded.

Pocket MapleStory Angelic Burster Pocket MapleStory Dual Blade Pocket MapleStory Kaiser

Pocket MapleStory Mechanic Pocket MapleStory Demon Slayer

Pocket MapleStory has the following character classes; Demon Slayer, Kaiser, Dual Blade, Mechanic and Angelic Burster.

For my first character, the character class that I selected was the Kaiser because it's the character class that is somewhat similar to a Knight or Warrior.

Anyway guys, if you are looking for a new game to play in your mobile devices then get Pocket MapleStory for free in Google Play or App Store.

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