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How To Add Blade & Soul To Pingzapper ★ WTFast Alternative

In this video, I'm going to show you how to add Blade & Soul to Pingzapper. If for some reason, WTFast just won't work for you then try Pingzapper.

Watch the video version of this blog post below:

Of course, the first thing you need to do is download and install Pingzapper. Downloading Pingzapper is free and you can get it from its official website.

After downloading and installing Pingzapper, simply run it and you'll see that there are no Game Profiles available in its default list because you'll have to add them manually.

To add Blade & Soul's game profile, simply click on the PLUS button to open the Profile Wizard, choose Blade & Soul from the list of games and click the Next button.

The Add Profile Window will open and you'll need to find where Blade & Soul is located in your computer. The file you need to find is NCLauncher.exe and click on the Next button after finding it.

Next you'll need to find a Pingzapper server to use with Blade & Soul. In my example, I selected Los Angeles 5 because it had the lowest Ping among the listed  US West servers.

Click on the Save button and in the next window, simply choose Manual as your Tunnel server choice and click on the Finish button to finish adding Blade & Soul to Pingzapper.

Okay guys, that is how you add Blade & Soul to Pingzapper. All you have to do now is double click Blade & Soul in Pingzapper and it will launch the game for you using the server you selected for it.

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