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Blocked From Playing Asta ★ Webzen's Latest MMORPG

Blocked from playing Asta, Webzen's latest MMORPG.

Blocked From Playing Asta ★ Webzen's Latest MMORPG

Asta is Webzen's latest MMORPG and, after spending more than four hours downloading Asta, I finally got to install it but, when I tried to login to the game, I got this message and I quote, "Portal Access Is Disabled Countries".

Unfortunately, this was my fault because I kinda assumed that Asta won't have any kind of region access restrictions but, as it turned out, it does.

I immediately went to Asta's Official Website to confirm if Asta does have country or ip restrictions and it does. Only players in North America, Europe and Russia can play in Webzen's Asta Servers.

Anyway, that won't stop me from checking out this game and I'm going to update you guys if I'm successful in playing Asta.

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