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Asta Online By Webzen ★ IP Block Or Country Block Bypass

Asta Online by Webzen has an IP Block or Country Block but it doesn't matter because I still got to play it.

Asta Online By Webzen ★ IP Block Or Country Block Bypass

The first time I tried to login to Webzen's Asta Online, the game gave a message that said "Portal access is disabled countries" which means my country or ip is blocked from accessing the game.

Now, as you can see in the video below, that is me creating my first character in Webzen's Asta Online. How was I able to access and play Webzen's Asta Online?

The answer is very simple, I used a program called Hotspot Shield. It's a VPN service mainly used for online security and privacy but it can also be used to bypass certain IP Blocks or Country Blocks.

As you can see from this screenshot, I am connected to Hotspot Shield's US Server and that is how I am able to login and play Webzen's Asta Online.

So guys, if any of you are blocked from playing in Webzen's Asta Online then I suggest you guys give Hotspot Shield a try. Click here to get Hotspot Shield.

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