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Star Trek Online ★ Time And Tide Mission ★ Annoying Noye & The Annorax

Star Trek Online's Time and Tide Mission is Star Trek Online's 6th Anniversary Mission or Episode that will take you to a journey through time.

Star Trek Online ★ Time And Tide Mission ★ Annoying Noye & The Annorax

During those space battles with the Krenim, the baddest starship my Captain, my crew and my starship fought were the Daemosh Destroyers. Those Daemosh Destroyers were tough and powerful. They had beams that took out my starship's shields and halved my starship's hull armor a few times.

The battle against those Daemosh Destroyers took a lot of time. It was a battle of endurance. It took my starship a long time to take out just one Daemosh Destroyer but I did enjoy fighting them. It was long but I had a lot of fun.

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After defeating the Krenims and the Na'kuhls in the future, my Captain and crew went back to the present to have a talk with Noye. Unfortunately, Noye escaped with the Annorax and planted a few bombs on the Krenim Research Facility.

The next battle happened in space and this time it was against the Annorax. Unlike the previous space battles, the battle against the Annorax was not as long. Unfortunately, the Annorax escaped and that was the end of the Time and Tide Mission in Star Trek Online.

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