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Star Trek Online ★ Time And Tide Mission ★ Ground & Space Krenim Attack

Star Trek Online is celebrating its 6th Anniversary and Time and Tide is its special Anniversary Mission where you'll travel forward in time to the 29th Century.

Star Trek Online ★ Time And Tide Mission ★ Ground & Space Krenim Attack

The Krenim Attack on the Signing Ceremony in the 29th Century came as a surprise to everyone because the attack never happened before. It was the first time it happened in the current Time Stream.

The Krenim also took some of the delegates hostage but my Captain and his crew of beautiful women defeated the Krenim attackers or Time Terrorists and saved the delegates.

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Defeating the Krenim attackers forced the Krenim to take the battle into space where my Star Ship which is a Cruiser fought and defeated a few Krenim Warships.

Space battles in Star Trek Online are very, very long. It takes a lot of time just to finish off a single enemy Star Ship specially if the other Star Ship is stronger than your Star Ship.

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