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APB Reloaded ★ Mission With MrsValve ★ Finished The Mission Alone

APB Reloaded is a free-to-play third-person shooting game and in my latest gameplay I played a mission with a character named MrsValve but I finished the mission alone.

APB Reloaded ★ Mission With MrsValve ★ Finished The Mission Alone

As soon as I made my character Ready in the game, the system immediately game my character a mission. The mission was called Cleaning Up Controversy and my character was partnered with another character named MrsValve.

The objective of the mission was to recover some drugs (WHATTT???) and make them disappear hence the title Cleaning Up Controversy.

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My partner in the mission got the drugs and together we went to the drop off point when, suddenly, this other character disappeared. MrsValve abandoned the mission and left the drugs (not real drugs, LOL) on the roof of a building.

Of course, my character still needed to finish the mission and time was running out. To finish the mission, my character had to climb the roof of the building where the drugs were left and deliver them to the drop off point which he did.

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