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Star Trek Online ★ Time And Tide Mission ★ Signing Of The Temporal Accords

Star Trek Online Time And Tide Mission is an Anniversary Mission celebrating Star Trek Online's 6th Anniversay. The Time and Tide Mission is about the Signing of the Temporal Accords.

Star Trek Online ★ Time And Tide Mission ★ Signing Of The Temporal Accords

Time and Tide is a Featured Episode and it's also Star Trek Online's 6th Anniversary Mission. Completing this mission for the first time will reward my Captain with a lot of cool things including 400x 6th Anniversary Prize Voucher.

My Captain got the Time and Tide mission from Admiral Jorel Quinn and it's about traveling to the 29th Century to witness the Signing of the Temporal Accords.

My Captain accepted the mission and immediately transwarped to the Kyana Asteroid Field. The transwarp was not free. My Captain had to pay 50,000 Energy Credits to instantly transwarped to the Kyana Asteroid Field which was where the mission started.

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The mission started with my Starship entering the Kyana System and my Captain with his away team were beamed aboard USS Pastak. Captain Walker had a chat with my Captain about time travel before actually traveling forward through time to the 29th Century.

In New Khitomer in the 29th Century, my Captain spoke with Captain Walker, the Attendant, a Na'kuhl Protester and Temporal Agent Philip Crey before the guests were asked to enter the event hall.

In the even hall, my Captain spoke with the Master of Ceremonies and with a few observers before sitting down when the ceremony started. Unfortunately, the ceremony was disrupted by a radical group who wanted to control the Time Stream for themselves in Star Trek Online.

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