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Star Trek Online ★ Party Patrol Mission 2016 ★ Party Crashers Gone Wild

Star Trek Online Party Patrol Mission is a special mission given by Q during Star Trek Online's Anniversaries or Q's Birthdays. LOL!

Star Trek Online ★ Party Patrol Mission 2016 ★ Party Crashers Gone Wild

My Captain got the Party Patrol Mission from Q at Earth Spacedock. Star Trek Online is celebrating it's 6th. Anniversay which is also Q's Birthday and Q wanted to make his Birthday Party even bigger than before.

Getting the Party Patrol Mission means beaming down to Starfleet Academy on Earth where the Party Crashers are and convincing them to attend Q's Birthday Party.

There were two ways of convincing a Party Crasher. One was is by chasing them down when they run and the other way is by playing a guessing game with them.

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My Captain did both, he chased them down and captured them and played the guessing game with them. After convincing five Party Crashers to come to Q's Birthday Party, my Captain went back to Q who was at Earth Spacedock to report the success of the mission.

As a reward, my Captain received Skill Points, Expertise and one item from a list of items like Dilithium Ore, Fleet Marks, Omega Marks, Romulan Marks, Nukara Marks or Dyson Sphere Marks.

Also, my Captain will be able to do the Party Patrol Mission again after 20 hours in Star Trek Online.

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