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APB Reloaded ★ What Goes Around Mission ★ We Lost! WHAT??? T_T

APB Reloaded What Goes Around Mission is a mission that went around and around and around. I'm saying nothing. LOL!

APB Reloaded ★ What Goes Around Mission ★ We Lost! WHAT??? T_T

My character went for a drive in his Van while waiting for a mission. Unfortunately, my character is a bad driver and that led to a lot of civilians or pedestrians getting injured, hurt or even killed. Of course, it was only a game so no one actually got hurt. LOL!

Eventually, my Criminal got a mission and it's called What Goes Around. The first part of the mission was to recover some stolen goods from a certain crew that was hired to steal them but decided to keep them for themselves.

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My Criminal worked with three other Criminals. They were successful in recovering the stolen goods but they failed in delivering them to the Drop Off points. They were against five Enforcers and these Enforcers were able to tightly defend the drop off location.

My Criminal and his team run out of time and lost the mission but my Criminal was able to get 4 kills, 3 assists and made $1279 Cash in APB Reloaded.

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