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RuneScape 2016 ★ Trading And Challenges Tutorial ★ Let's Kill Some Cows O_o

RuneScape Trading and Challenges Tutorial are Tutorial Missions available to new players or newbies in RuneScape. I don't play RuneScape often and that is the reason why my character is still a newbie. LOL!

RuneScape 2016 ★ Trading And Challenges Tutorial ★ Let's Kill Some Cows O_o

My character in RuneScape first did the Trading Tutorial Mission. My character went and spoke with the Gnome Shopkeeper who taught my character everything my character needed to know about trading. It was a very quick Tutorial that ended very quickly. LOL!

The next Tutorial Mission was the Challenges Tutorial. My character went, looked for and spoke with Challenge Mistress Fara who explained to my character what Challenges were about. My character went through all the explanations and accepted his first challenge.

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So what was my character's first challenge? Well, his first challenge was to kill cows, 5 cows to be accurate. It was a weird challenge because cows are passive creatures so killing 5 of them was very easy.

Anyway, my character was eventually rewarded by Challenge Mistress Fara for completing the challenge and the Tutorial Mission in RunesCape.

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