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Star Trek Online ★ 11 Hours Valentines Day Marathon (Gameplay Only)

Star Trek Online is an awesome game and more people should play it because it's not just awesome, it's also free-to-play. That's why it's the game I chose to play in my Valentines Day Gaming Marathon.

Yesterday, I spent 11 hours playing Star Trek Online. It was also Valentines Day yesterday and, to celebrate, I decided to do a Valentines Day Gaming Marathon.

The game I decided to play in the marathon was Star Trek Online because it's a favorite game of mine. I Live Streamed my Valentines Day Gaming Marathon in my Twitch, Dailymotion, Hitbox and YouTube channels through

I don't really have any goals in my Valentines Day Gaming Marathon except maybe to have fun and enjoy playing Star Trek Online.

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Unfortunately, I'm not very sure if those who viewed my Live Stream enjoyed it as much as me because I was only Live Streaming in 360p resolution. Trust me, if I could Live Stream at a higher resolution or even HD quality then I would but my upload speed wouldn't allow it.

So, I played and Live Streamed Star Trek Online in 360p for 11 hours. In those 11 hours, I mostly did PvE missions and I did them over and over and over again. I had a great time flying in space and blasting enemies in my Starship.

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At the end of my Live Stream, I completed the 6th Anniversary Event and got myself a brand new starship, a Krenim Science Vessel which I don't see myself using. LOL!

Anyway, if you are interested in watching all 11 hours of my Valentines Day Gaming Marathon featuring Star Trek Online then simply watch it below.

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