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Shroud Of The Avatar Release 26 ★ Battle Of Highvale ★ I See Dead People Everywhere

In Shroud of the Avatar Release 26, the Battle of Highvale is the new starting area. Before, the starting area was the Battle of Solace Bridge.

Shroud Of The Avatar Release 26 ★ Battle Of Highvale ★ I See Dead People Everywhere

My avatar is back in Novia after getting wiped after the last end of the world which was Shroud of the Avatar Release 25 but, this time, he was not transported to the Battle of Solace Bridge, instead, he was appeared in the Battle Of Highvale.

There he met a Dying Knight who asked my Avatar to deliver an amulet called the Amulet of Testimony to his compatriot named Brigid. My avatar agreed to the Dying Knight's request and left him to die or get eaten by nature.

Dying Knight Gawain in Battle Of Highvale

The town of Highvale was in total destruction. House were burnt down to the ground and corpses were everywhere. The only living human left in town where Samael the Healer and Edvard the Wanderer.

Exploring the destroyed town, my avatar found a few weapons like swords, spears and bows. He also found Gold pieces on the corpses of the dead townspeople as well as pieces of armor, food and even worms.

Outside the gate of Highvale, my avatar fought a few Elf Patrollers who were still wandering the area looking for humans to kill. Unfortunately for them, they met my avatar and they ended getting killed instead.

Fought Elf Patrollers Outside The Town Of Highvale

Also, my avatar got out of Highvale by opening the gate with the use of the Highvale Gate Key that was given to him by Edvard the Wanderer.

Anyway, the next time we meet my avatar in Shroud of the Avatar, we will find him on his way to the city or town of Resolute or just wandering over the overland map of Novia. Who knows?

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