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Project Gorgon ★ Looking Around Serbule ★ Talked With Various NPCs

Project Gorgon is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (mmorpg) and it's currently in Pre-Alpha.

Project Gorgon ★ Looking Around Serbule ★ Talked With Various NPCs

It was my character's first time in Serbule and he has no knowledge of the area whatsoever. So, the first thing he did was go to the nearest town and look around.

He also talked to various NPCs and the first one he talked to was Echur who was very involved in meditation. Unfortunately, my character didn't get useful information from Echur.

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The next thing my character came across was the Guild Roster building. He found two chest inside but he couldn't open both chest because it was for Guild Members only and my character was obviously not a member of the guild. LOL!

Guild Chest In Serbule

In the next building my character entered, he found some mushrooms both inside and outside of the building. There was also a rat and an elf who rambled about the return of the Myconians.

If you thought Myconians are weird then the next thing my character found was weirder. It was a Sentient Flame named Neato. My character tried to talk to the Sentient Flame but he could understand what the Sentient Flame was saying.

Sentient Flame Neato

My character also met with a Law Officer who talked about the immorality of the elves and how it was the Law Officer's job to follow the Council's edicts even if no one else respects the Council in Serbule.

After chatting with the Law Officer, my character met with Fainor who offered to teach my Character some of his delicious cooking recipes. Of course, my character declined the offer because he was not into cooking.

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Outside the tavern, my Character finally met two female NPCs. He had a nice little chat with Blanche and even offered Blanche a gift that earned my Character a little favor. My character also tried to sweet talk Blanche but his attempts failed miserably.

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