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Shroud Of The Avatar Pre-Alpha Release 26 ★ Fastest Graphics Setting ★ No Longer Works

In Shroud of the Avatar Pre-Alpha Release 26, the Fastest Graphics Setting no longer works.

Shroud Of The Avatar Pre-Alpha Release 26 ★ Fastest Graphics Setting ★ No Longer Works

When I first played Shroud of the Avatar, I could set my Graphics Setting to Good but it would be laggy as hell. Setting it to Simple made the game less laggy but setting it to Fastest made the game playable.

Shroud of the Avatar is now at Pre-Alpha Release 26 but, instead of improving the graphics settings, it became worst.

Messed Up Sky and Texture

Now, whenever I try to set the Graphics Setting to Fastest, the graphics will look messed-up and my GPU Temperature will go up to almost 80 degrees Celsius.

Don't get me wrong, I can still play Shroud of the Avatar at Simple Graphics Setting but I will miss the performance given by the Fastest Graphics Setting.

Anyway, I hope the developers fix this weird problem with the Fastest Graphics Setting because it wasn't like that for me before.

Messed Up Opening Screen

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