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Blade And Soul ★ Chapter 10: South Anchor's Away ★ Wungsam Defeated With A Bang

Blade and Soul Chapter 10: South Anchor's Away is a quest with many objectives but everything leads to a battle between the Bamboo Guards and Wungsam's Blackram Bandits.

Blade And Soul ★ Chapter 10: South Anchor's Away ★ Wungsam Defeated With A Bang

My Blade Master agreed to Ha Jungwang's plan and started to look for the detonators Ha Jungwang needed. My Blade Master had to fight against various Blackram Bandits like Blackram Convoy Soldiers, Blackram Watchers, Blackram Scouts, and others.

Blackram Convoy Soldier

Eventually, my Blade Master found the detonator parts needed by Ha Jungwang. After finding the detonator parts, he replaced them with the old parts as per Ha Jungwang's instructions. My Blade Master leveled up to Level 10 while doing this objective.

Blade Master Leveled Up To 10

Ha Jungwang and my Blade Master finished hooking up the explosives and detonated them causing huge explosions. The camp was on fire because of the explosions.

While the place was burning, my Blade Master pulled Wungsam and fought Wungsam one-on-one but Wungsam retreated.

Fought Wungsam

When Wungsam retreated, a group of Bamboo Guards suddenly appeared. They were lead by Somai and they fought Wungsam and his Blackram Pirates. My Blade Master joined the fight against Wungsam but, for the second time, Wungsam retreated.

Bamboo Guards versus Blackram Bandits and Wungsam

The Bamboo Guards were still fighting the remaining Blackram Bandits when my Blade Master went back to Yigan at Foshi Pyres to report the completion of the quest.

My Blade Master was rewarded with an item, 9 Bronze Coins and 840 Experience Points in Blade and Soul.

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