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Blade And Soul ★ Chapter 8: Pirates and Thieves ☆ Defeated Dusk Adder Elite Su Hwan

Blade and Soul Chapter 8: Pirates and Thieves is a quest in Blade and Soul given by Gi Bongsa and it's about getting back the stolen Gun Powder.

Blade And Soul ★ Chapter 8: Pirates and Thieves ☆ Defeated Dusk Adder Elite Su Hwan

To start the Chapter 8: Pirates and Thieves quest, my Blade Master had to speak with Gi Bongsa who is a Bamboo Guard at the Scouting Party area of Everdusk.

Gi Bongsa mistook my Blade Master for a tourist but that was immediately got corrected. Gi Bongsa asked my Blade Master to sneak into the Bandit Hideout to get the Gun Powders back.

The Bandit Hideout was located west of the Scouting Party area and it's inside a cave or cavern or whatever. My Blade Master fought a bunch of Dusk Adders to get to Su Hwan who was a Dusk Adder Elite.

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My Blade Master needed to find out the whereabouts of the stolen gun powders but he had to beat the information out of Su Hwan.

After defeating Su Hwan, my Blade Master went back to the Scouting Party area and spoke with Gi Bongsa again. My Blade Master relayed what Su Hwan said and Gi Bongsa connected the information to the Blackram gang.

To make sure if the Blackram and Dusk Adders were working together, Gi Bongsa tasked my Blade Master to get a copy of a Dusk Adder order from a Dusk Adder Sentry. My Blade Master got the order by beating the crap out of a Dusk Adder Sentry and went back to Gi Bongsa who was waiting for my Blade Master at the Dusk Adder Stronghold.

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