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Adventure Quest Worlds ★ AQW Tutorial Area ☆ Fought A Dragon Head O_o

Adventure Quest Worlds, like most MMORPGs, starts with a Tutorial Mission or Tutorial Quest in a special Tutorial Area where you, as a player, will learn the basics of playing the game.

Adventure Quest Worlds ★ AQW Tutorial Area ☆ Fought A Dragon Head O_o

Like every character or hero created in Adventure Quest Worlds, my Warrior also went through the Tutorial section of the game.

The first thing the Tutorial asked my Warrior to do was to kill a monster and, by simply double-clicking on the Undead Infantry, my Warrior swung his sword and slashed the monster dead.

Moving my Warrior was also easy, all I had to do was click anywhere on the ground. If the area was open for movement then my Warrior walked or moved to it.

My Warrior met an NPC named Ash who was a Knight-In-Training. Ash was my Warrior's guide through the Tutorial and was supposed to give me and my Warrior information about the game.

Lord Brenton who was a Guardian of the Neverglades spoke with my Warrior and talked about clicking on Bubbles and Exclamation Point. WHAT???

My Warrior's first quest was called Slay the Undead Attacker. Unfortunately, my Warrior didn't see any Undead Attacker but he did kill a Bone Berserker. My Warrior was rewarded with 50 Gold and 250 Exp for completing the quest.

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Artix the Combat Trainer met my Warrior inside a fort and he spoke with my Warrior about unlocking and using Skills. My Warrior's first Attack Skill was called Decisive Strike.

Decisive Strike uses 20 mana and has a 2 second cooldown. It's a Physical Attack that deals 150% weapon damage.

In the next area of the fort or keep, my Warrior met with Trisiana the Shop Trainer who spoke with my Warrior about the various shops around the world of Adventure Quest Worlds.

Alina the Healing Trainer spoke with my Warrior about using potions, resting and healing while Siri the Interaction Trainer spoke about interacting with the world around my Warrior.

Faith the Chat Trainer spoke about using the chat box to communicate with other Heroes in Adventure Quest Worlds while Galanoth the Dragon Slayer gave my Warrior the task of defeating a huge Dragon Head of a Dread Dragon.

My Warrior beat the huge Dragon Head and spoke with Warlic the ArchMage and Exploration Instructor about using the world map to journey to various areas of Adventure Quest Worlds.

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