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Blade And Soul ★ Chapter 10: South Anchor's Away ★ Rescued Ha Jungwang

Blade and Soul Chapter 10: South Anchor's Away quest is a main story line quest that has many objectives. From saving Ha Jungwang to defeating Wungsam.

Blade And Soul ★ Chapter 10: South Anchor's Away ★ Rescued Ha Jungwang

My Blade Master travelled from Foshi Pyres to Blackram South Anchor to start the quest titled, Chapter 10: South Anchor's Away. To get there from Foshi Pyres, my Blade Master had to run because he has no mount and running was all he can do.

Running To Blackram South Anchor

At Blackram South Anchor, the next objective was to defeat four Blackram Thugs but my Blade Master also fought a few Blackram Scouts and other Blackram Bandits like the Blackram Convoy Soldier and Blackram Watcher.

Fought and Defeated Blackram Thugs

Defeating the Blackram Thugs gave my Blade Master the opportunity to speak with Chengun. According to Chengun, they were ambushed by Wungsam and many Bamboo Guards were taken captive or captured.

Chengun also gave my Blade Master a pill that would make Wungsam sleepy. My Blade Master just needed to slip the pill in Wungsam's food which was not an easy task.

Taking the pill from Chengun, my Blade Master immediately snuck into Wungsam's cave and put the pill in Wungsam's food. Not knowing someone messed with his food, Wungsam arrived and immediately ate everything on the table.

Wungsam ate the pill that was in his food and the pill immediately took effect. Wungsam went down sleeping which gave my Blade Master the opportunity to take the key needed to free Ha Jungwang but not before meeting another Bamboo Guard named Bumbak.

My Blade Master took the key from the sleeping Wungsam and immediately freed Ha Jungwang. Freeing Ha Jungwang started the next objective and it was about blowing up somethings. Ha Jungwang needed help and my Blade Master helped Ha Jungwang in Blade and Soul.

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