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APB Reloaded ★ Spare Wheels Mission ★ Died When The Van Exploded

APB Reloaded Spare Wheels Mission is a mission assigned by the game or system to any ready or available players. I'm not sure if Missions in APB Reloaded are random or not but I don't think it matters.

APB Reloaded ★ Spare Wheels Mission ★ Died When The Van Exploded

My character in APB Reloaded is a Criminal. As a Criminal, my character needs to do some crime like maybe kill civilians. LOL!

The mission assigned to my Character was called Spare Wheels and it's about stealing a spare vehicle for Jeung who was looking to enter the Nantego 520. The stolen vehicle was for spare parts use only, I think.

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My character did the Spare Wheels mission with two other Criminals and they were Criterion and TheRedeemerr. They were successful in stealing the car and delivered it to the drop off location.

Unfortunately, Jeung needed another car and this other car had the suspension needed to withstand a nitro boost. The last part of the mission was to hold the stolen car parts and keep them away from the Enforcers.

At the end of the Spare Wheels mission, the Enforcers lost and we, the Criminals, won. My character got 2 kills, 1 death and took home $564 Cash in APB Reloaded.

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