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Adventure Quest Worlds ★ Creating My Hero ☆ Roosters Crowing Outside

Adventure Quest Worlds is a free-to-play fantasy themed browser-based MMORPG and it was my first time playing it (I think). I started with creating a character and creating a new account.

Adventure Quest Worlds ★ Creating My Hero ☆ Roosters Crowing Outside

Adventure Quest Worlds is not a new game. Did I play this game before? Well, if I did then I don't remember. I do remember playing Adventure Quest before.

So, I started playing Adventure Quest Worlds by creating a new character and a new account. The character I created was a Male Warrior and I called him Kabalyero. What else? LOL!

Besides the Warrior class, Adventure Quest Worlds also has a Rogue, Mage and Healer character classes. Unfortunately, I don't care much for other character classes because I am a Warrior forever. LOL!

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Character creation in Adventure Quest Worlds was very simple and easy. To create my character, I only needed to choose a class, gender, hair style, hair color, skin color, eye color and click on the Create button.

The last part of the character creation process was also the account creation process. I entered my character's name which is also my account name, password and e-mail address before clicking on the GO button.

With that, I now have a new account in Adventure Quest Worlds and I was ready to play the game.

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