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WTFast Will Not Work On League Of Legends Philippines Or LOLPH

WTFast will not work on League Of Legends Philippines or LOLPH. Trust me, I tried. A lot of times.

League Of Legends is published in the Philippines by Garena Philippines and this is where the problem begins. Garena Philippines has country locked League Of Legends Philippines to players in the Philippines only which is very understandable.

Now, if you are a WTFast user and you want to use WTFast to access or play in the Philippines Server of League Of Legends or League Of Legends Philippines then you will have a problem because it will not work. WTFast does not have a server in the Philippines and any other WTFast server you use will only be blocked.

Obviously, if you are not in the Philippines but wish to play in League Of Legends Philippines then you will need to use an alternative to WTFast or a VPN service that has a server in the Philippines like VyprVPN for example.

VyprVPN is not dedicated to gaming like WTFast but it does have a VPN server in the Philippines and you can create a free VyprVPN account that has a 500 mb data usage limit per month. It's not a lot but it's free and you'll get to access games that are country locked to players in the Philippines only.

So guys, are you still having problems accessing League Of Legends Philippines? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

► VyprVPN is a very fast VPN provider with servers around the world including the Philippines. If you are looking to play games published in the Philippines like League Of Legends Philippines then why not try using VyprVPN for FREE.

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