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Quest Complete, Killing Awoken Zombies In Shroud Of The Avatar Release 25

Killing Awoken Zombies is a quest where my avatar has to kill at least 5 Awoken Zombies found at Solace Bridge. My avatar got the quest from a villager in Soltown.

Inside the walls of Solace Bridge, my Avatar entered a house, found and fought an Awoken Zombie. He also found a Broken Leather Helm and broke a few empty crates and barrels.

Outside the gate, my Avatar saw a lot of skeletons laid out on Solace Bridge. I'm not really sure what to make of those skeletons. Are they humans or are they dead zombies? I have no idea.

My avatar also met Edvard the Wandering Bard and told him about his destiny or faith and that my avatar should go to Ardoris to meet with the Oracle.

Unfortunately, there were no more Awoken Zombies in that particular area of Solace Bridge but he did find a few more when he went back from where he started. Also, fighting Awoken Zombies got him cursed with the plague and that made him use the potion that was given to him.

In the end, the quest was eventually completed and he went back to Ashton in Soltown to report his success and to receive the reward.

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