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New Throne Room And Room Hopping In Smeet

I got a new room in Smeet and it's a Throne Room but, because I have no idea what to do in Smeet, I simply went Room Hopping and it was a lot of fun.

New Throne Room And Room Hopping In Smeet

I got the new Throne Room as a gift from Smeet. I'm just not sure if it was a Christmas Gift or just a normal gift but it doesn't matter because I still got it and I got for free.

As for the Throne Room, because of the lighting, it feels more like a dungeon or the top of a tower. There was a King, a Queen and a Prince but no Princess. I found out later that I have to buy a Princess from the shop. Whaaattt???

From the Throne Room, I went to The Garden and The Farm where I harvested vegetables and fruits. My character also leveled up to Level 8 which is awesome. What it means? I have no idea. LOL!

At The Mine, I got a Silver bar and got a drink at The Booster Club. I ended my room hopping at The Styling Lounge where my character or avatar put on some new threads or new outfit.

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