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VyprVPN ★ Check Out This Possible WTFast Alternative

VyprVPN, it's not really for gaming but it does have a lot of servers around the world, even in the Philippines.

VyprVPN ★ Check It Out This Possible WTFast Alternative

I first found VyprVPN in GooglePlay, installed it on my Android Phone and it works with the few games that I play on my phone like Marvel Future Fight and Marvel Contest of Champions.

Later, I found out it has a Windows version which means I can also use VyprVPN with my desktop games or PC games specially those games that are hosted in North America.

Unfortunately, VyprVPN is not free and it's not really made for gaming but it does has a good number of servers to try or test around the world including the Philippines.

Again, VyprVPN is not free but it does offer a free plan with limited data usage of 500 mb per month. 500 mb is not very big but it will, at least, give you enough time to try, test and see if it will work for you.

Currently, I'm using VyprVPN on my Android Phone and I think I'll continue using it until, of course, I find a better one.

Now, the question most of you are asking right now is, is VyprVPN a possible alternative to WTFast? Guys, just create a Free Account, take advantage of that 500 mb data usage limit and give it a try. If it works for you then great but if not then we'll keep searching until we find one. ^_^

Sign-up for a Free VyprVPN account to get 500 mb worth of data usage per month.

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