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Quest Started, Killing Awoken Zombies In Shroud Of The Avatar Release 25

Awoken Zombies or Awoken Undeads have now infested the ruins of the Solace Bridge. My avatar got the information and the quest to get rid of some of these Awoken Zombies from a villager in Soltown.

Quest Started, Killing Awoken Zombies In Shroud Of The Avatar Release 25

While at Soltown, my avatar also acquired a Plate Helm and a Chain Mail from the Shopkeepers in the town. I'm not sure if those Shopkeepers are player owned or if they are owned by the game but it doesn't really matter as long as they sell things. LOL!

After talking to the villager, the quest was automatically written in my avatar's Journal that I could always check if I forget or get confused about something.

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Now, to go to Solace Bridge, I had to get out of Soltown, enter the Overland Map and travel north which is obviously fairly easy to do. I did notice one thing though while travelling on the Overland Map, the Overland Map was putting a lot of stress on my GPU. Why or how? I have no idea.

Besides, fighting Awoken Zombies in Solace Bridge, I also did some resource gathering like harvesting plants and mining for ores. I also came upon a minor bug in the game and it was a small hole on the wall of Solace Bridge.

Inside the walls of Solace Bridge, I found a couple of pumpkins and harvested them but not before fighting and eliminating an Awoken Undead.

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