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The Way Of The Blade Master Part 3 • Soaring Falcon & Rush Combo In Blade And Soul

The Way of the Blade Master Part 3 is the third part to Hongmoon School Brother Hajoon's Secret Blade Master Training for my Blade Master in Blade and Soul.

Hongmoon School Brother Hajoon sent another Secret Message to my Blade Master. The Secret Message was for another Secret Training in The Way of the Blade Master.

For this Secret Blade Master Training, the Secret Training Room was located inside the Dusk Adder Stronghold. I don't know why but Brother Hajoon likes to place his Secret Training Rooms in dangerous locations.

After reading Brother Hajoon's Secret Message, my Blade Master immediately went to the Dusk Adder Stronghold, ignored all the Dusk Adder Bandits inside and entered the Secret Training Room where my Blade Master met Brother Hajoon.

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Hongmoon School Brother Hajoon, taught my Blade Master a new Blade Master Combo called Soaring Falcon & Rush Combo. It was a very easy Combo and my Blade Master was able to immediately learn it and get the hang of it by simply practicing on Brother Hajoon's Mirror Image.

The Way of the Blade Master Part 3 quest ended as soon as my Blade Master executed the Soaring Falcon & Rush Combo three times. Brother Hajoon left after saying his farewell and my Blade Master got out of the Dusk Adder Stronghold using a portal in Blade and Soul.

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