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The Way Of The Blade Master Part 2 » Anklebiter Stomp & Joint Attack In Blade And Soul

The Way Of The Blade Master Part 2 is a quest given by Brother Hajoon to teach my Blade Master everything my Blade Master needs to learn about a Blade Master in Blade and Soul.

The Way Of The Blade Master Part 2 » Anklebiter Stomp & Joint Attack In Blade And Soul

My Blade Master just completed a quest when he received a Secret Message from Brother Hajoon. In the Secret Message, Brother Hajoon told my Blade Master that it was time for another Blade Master Training.

After reading Brother Hajoon's Secret Message, my Blade Master immediately traveled to where the Secret Training room was located. Where was the Secret Training room located you asked? Well, it was located inside the Bandit's Hideout.

It was a weird place to hold a Secret Training but my Blade Master went inside the Bandit's Hideout, ignored all the Bandits inside and eventually found the Secret Training Room Brother Hajoon prepared for the Secret Training.

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Inside the Secret Training Room, my Blade Master learned from Brother Hajoon the Anklebiter/Stomp Combo Skill. Brother Hajoon explained how it was done and my Blade Master practiced the Combo Skill on a few Bloody Jiangshi Dummies.

After getting the hang of using the Anklebiter/Stomp Combo Skill, Brother Hajoon taught my Blade Master how to do Joint Attacks in Blade and Soul. Brother Hajoon explained it to my Blade Master and, after that, both Brother Hajoon and my Blade Master practiced executing Join Attacks on a Hunter Jiangshi Dummy.

My Blade Master successfully completed the training given by Brother Hajoon inside the Bandit's Hideout in Blade and Soul. Of course, The Way Of The Blade Master is not yet finished because my Blade Master will still get a few more Secret Trainings from Brother Hajoon.

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