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Blade And Soul » Revenant & Irreverence Quest • Graveyard Revenants & Gak Toshi Killed

The Blade and Soul Revenant and Irreverence Quest is a quest given by Bamboo Guard Sabung and it's about Graveyard Revenants, Gak Toshi and his necklace?

Blade And Soul » Revenant & Irreverence Quest • Graveyard Revenants & Gak Toshi Killed

Bamboo Guard Sobung asked my Blade Master in Blade and Soul to speak with Dasoo. The last time Sobung spoke with Dasoo, Dasoo became upset and defensive. Unfortunately, Sobung needed an update from Dasoo and that is why he asked my Blade Master to speak with Dasoo.

Speaking with Graveyard Apprentice Dasoo, my Blade Master learned about resentment, Graveyard Revenants and Gak Toshi. Dasoo believed the sudden appearance of Graveyard Revenants was caused by Gak Toshi's amulet or necklace.

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My Blade Master immediately went out to defeat Gak Toshi to get his necklace but, to summon Gak Toshi, my Blade Master must first kill Graveyard Revenants and that he did.

After getting the necklace or amulet or whatever, my Blade Master traveled to where the Scouting Party was located and gave the necklace to Bamboo Guard Pango. Pango also said Gak Toshi was a gentle soul and believed some evil being animated Gak Toshi back from death.

Completing the Revenant and Irreverence Quest rewarded my Blade Master 270 experience points in Blade and Soul.

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