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Chapter 7: Endless Dusk Quest » Cremating Bloody Jiangshi In Blade And Soul

Chapter 7: Endless Dusk is a main storyline quest and my Blade Master got the quest from an NPC named Yigan who asked my Blade Master to somewhat investigate another NPC named Um Soji in Blade and Soul.

Chapter 7: Endless Dusk Quest » Cremating Bloody Jiangshi In Blade And Soul

According to Yigan, someone took the Guard's supply of gunpowder but he didn't see the face of the bandit who took it. He remembered seeing Um Soji but Um Soji ran away and when he was hit on the head.

My Blade Master went and spoke with Um Soji but, before Um Soji could tell my Blade Master anything, Um Soji asked my Blade Master for a favor.

Um Soji asked my Blade Master to kill some Bloody Jiangshis and cremate them after killing them. My Blade Master did what was asked of him and finished the objective.

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After killing the creating Bloody Jiangshis, my Blade Master went back to Um Soji and reported the completion of the mission. My Blade Master learned Um Soji's version of what happened.

Yigan was not very please because the Dusk Adders still got their gunpowders. Yigan asked my Blade Master to go North to their camp to wake-up everyone.

Yigan also thanked my Blade Master gave him the reward for completing the quest in Blade and Soul.

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