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The Way Of The Blade Master Part 1 » Brother Hajoon Is Alive In Blade And Soul

The Way of the Blade Master is a side quest in Blade and Soul. My character did the Part 1 at the Abandoned Well in Blade and Soul.

The Way Of The Blade Master Part 1 » Brother Hajoon Is Alive In Blade And Soul

After finishing a main story quest, my character received a letter from someone unknown to my character. This someone called my character a fake Hongmoon Clan Student and said he will prove it at the Abandoned Well.

On the way to the Abandoned Well, my character fought off a couple of Blackram Marauders but they were easily beaten. After that, my character met with the Masked Hongmoon and he challenged my character to complete a challenge.

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My character completed the challenge and the Masked Hongmoon revealed who he really is. The Masked Hongmoon was none other than Hongmoon Clan Brother Hajoon. Brother Hajoon survived the attack on Hongmoon Clan and he now wants to train my character to become a better Hongmoon Blade Master.

The first skill Brother Hajoon trained my character was on using the Rush Skill on a few Fiends. The Rush Skill doesn't deal much damage but it does increase my characters Focus by two.

Completing Brother Hajoon's Blade Master training also completed the quest, obviously, but Brother Hajoon promised he'll return to train my character again in Blade and Soul. Looking forward to The Way Of The Blade Master Part 2. LOL!

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