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Hongmoon Clan Destroyed • New Chapters In Bamboo Village In Blade And Soul

The Hongmoon Clan was destroyed by some weird looking characters and my character suddenly appeared in the Bamboo Village where new chapters were opened for him in Blade and Soul.

Hongmoon Clan Destroyed • New Chapters In Bamboo Village In Blade And Soul

My character finished the last two chapters of his story in Hongmoon. Chapter 7 was about his training at the Proving Grounds where he trained against a few Cavern Training Dummies, fought a Masked Warrior and discovered Lusung's treachery.

In Chapter 8: Twilight's Edge, my character went back to the school only to find it being attacked by some weird looking characters. My character also fought some weird looking Fiends and suddenly woke up at Bamboo Village.

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In Bamboo Village, my character received new chapters in his storyline and it started with Chapter 1: From The Water where he delivered a box of ammo to Ko Suljun who was at Bamboo Beach. It was also my character's first meeting with Namsoyoo.

Chapter 2: Captain Dochun is where my character first met with, who else, Captain Dochun. My character assisted Captain Dochun and the other Bamboo Guards in fighting off Blackram Elite Guards of the Blackram Marauders in Blade and Soul.

My character also first met with Gwak Jun in this Chapter. Gwak Jun was at Healing House taking care of the wounded. It was also in the Healing House where my character told Captain Dochun of what happened with the Hongmoon Clan.

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In Chapter 3: Dodan The Hero, Ko Suljun asked my character to search for Dodan but first my character had to get a map from a Blackram Coastal Grunt. The map will guide my character to where Dodan was held.

My character eventually found Dodan and even helped Dodan and Chengun defeat Captan Gwon of the Blackram Marauders in Blade and Soul.

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