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Chapter 6: The Honorable Mayor » Spoke With Dodan & Namsoyoo In Blade And Soul

The Honorable Mayor is Chapter 6 in the Bamboo Village storyline of Blade and Soul. This was a very short quest and it ended with my character speaking to Dodan and Namsoyoo.

Chapter 6: The Honorable Mayor » Spoke With Dodan & Namsoyoo In Blade And Soul

In Chapter 6: The Honorable Mayor, my character went to the Abandoned Well to look for and talk to Mayor Daygu. My guess is, Mayor Daygu was looking for a working well but, got confused and ended in the Abandoned Well.

After talking to Mayor Daygu in Blade and Soul and telling him he made a mistake, my character went back to Bamboo Lookout and spoke with Gong Samsik. My character learned from Gong Samsik that Dodan and Namsoyoo were at the camp and were looking for my character.

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Dodan was kinda upset because he wanted to do a real mission but, instead of him, my character was sent in his place instead. Namsoyoo was there to apologize for Dodan's attitude and to ask my character to check what's happening at the cemetery.

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