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Sacrilege In Grimmagstone, Undead Grimmag Defeated In Drakensang Online

Sacrilege In Grimmagstone continues in this post with the last part of the quest happening inside Grimmagstone in Drakensang Online.

In this last part of the Sacrilege In Grimmagstone quest, my character was accompanied by Master Vithrandir and together they fought various monsters like Risen Dragonknights, Lowly Cultists, Risen Rangers, Veiled Cultists, Undead Dragonknights, Mighty Anderworld Bailiffs, Burning Dragonknight Corpses and others.

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My character and Master Vithrandir also had to find Grimmag's Grave, defeat the Veiled Cultist, follow the Undead Grimmag back to the Fortress of Alliance and defeat the Undead Grimmag.

Defeating the Undead Grimmag ended the quest but it was not yet over because it was just the beginning of another quest and this new quest will take my avatar to Grimford in Drakensang Online.

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