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Blade And Soul NCSoft Launcher Data Error E01005 ★ How I Fixed This Error

NCSoft launcher Data Error E01005, this error appears whenever I try to run NCSoft's Blade And Soul Launcher.

NCSoft Launcher Data Error E01005 ★ How I Fixed This Error

After playing Blade And Soul for about an hour, I suddenly got disconnected from the game. Now, when I tried to start Blade And Soul again, the launcher gave me a NCSoft Launcher Data Error E01005.

According to NCSoft's Support Knowledgebase, this error happens when the launcher can't or couldn't connect to NCSoft's Servers and offered a few solutions but the solutions provided didn't work.

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Don't get me wrong, NCSoft's Support Knowledgebase was very helpful because the solution that worked for me also came from the Knowledgebase but for a different Error Number.

The solution that worked for my Error E01005 was for Error E01008. These are two different error numbers but, in my case, the solution for Error E01008 worked for Error E01005.

NCSoft's Support Knowledgebase

So guys, if any of you are getting either Error E01005 or Error E01008 then I suggest you give this solution a try. The link to this solution in NCSoft's Support Knowledgebase is in the description of this video.

Guys, this is just a suggestion because the solution worked for me. Now, because each one of us have different systems, I can't really guarantee if this solution will work for you as well but, still, give it a try.

So, did this solution fixed your NCSoft Launcher Data Error number E01005? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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